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By : Kevin John

Maybe this has happened to you:

Take two identical days, just ordinary routine days, nothing special happening…

On one of the days, you wake up in morning feeling great – it’s a beautiful sunny day, you can hear your favourite sounds, you’ve got a great mental attitude, positive that everything is going to be easy:-)

Your journey to work is easy, you fly through your work and to cap it all, you have a fantastic evening at home. In short you have a great day!

On the other day you wake up after a bad night’s sleep, you’re not feeling great, it’s grey and cloudy, everything you hear just sounds discordant and ugly. You’ve got a negative attitude and going through your day things just go downhill from there…

Getting to work is a nightmare, you spend your entire day in seemingly endless and repetitive tasks and by the end of the day you’re just happy to collapse into bed feeling exhausted.

So what is the difference between these two days?

There’s just one difference YOU!!

The Mirror Of Life

Life is like a mirror.

  • On one side there is your mental state, your attitude, positive or negative, your feelings.
  • On the other side there is the reflection of your mental state: your external world and the results you are achieving in that world

That’s right. Your world is reflection of your mental state.

…But how does this happen, how can your internal world create your external world?

Think about it for a minute.

First your mental state influences your behaviour and your actions – when you have a good attitude, positive actions are easy to take, when you have a negative attitude, everything seems too difficult!

Then your behaviour and actions influence people around you and the results you get in life – if you are always negative and pessimistic you are going to find that most of the people you attract into your life are like you. If a negative attitude means that you don’t ‘get things done’ you are not going to create the life you really want.

Then the results you get and the people you associate with influence what you perceive in your world…

…and finally… your perceptions influence your mental state, completing the circle.

The only things you can control are how you perceive the world. For example you can choose to see the negative or the positive in a situation by changing your state of mind.

Experience The Mirror In Action

You can experience the power of the mirror of life at any time. Here’s a couple of examples to think about:

Start by thinking about people around you…

You can tell a lot about a person’s inner world by looking at their outer world. Of course people may try to hide their mental state, but there are always clues… look at their car, their house, the way they dress, their behaviour…

Or one day in your normal routine, consciously adopt an extremely positive attitude, make a point of smiling and greeting people positively when you might normally be neutral or even grumpy!

Just see what difference it makes. You will see that people’s responses to you become more positive and friendly. Even better, if you keep it up you will find that your are living in a different, more positive and more supportive world.

The message is clear: you can change your world by changing your mental state.

If you want better results, you’ve first got to create a better you!

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Warning! Your Attitude Is Reflected In The Mirror Of Life