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By : Kevin John

Throughout the ages people have hungered for success and have used their minds to study success and try to understand the keys to success. Not surprisingly a lot has been learned about success and people have found that there is a lot more to it than just hard work and good luck.

The mindset for success and high achievement

When you look at a successful person, you see the external attributes of that person – their behaviours and their results and naturally you make the connection between the two… “X made a lot of money by being a clever share trader”

What you don’t see, what you can’t see, is what went on that person’s mind that got them to the point where they started achieving success and then kept them being successful. Having the right mental attributes for success and using mind power are absolutely vital for success.

The mindset of successful people has been studied from a wide range of angles – mystical, spiritual, psychological…

It is this last angle, applying the insights of modern psychology to understanding the human mind that has been particularly fruitful in helping us to find out why certain people are more successful than others under the same circumstances.

You can learn success from others

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP for short) has been particularly effective and widely used to help people be more successful in all walks of life – sport, business, overcoming weight problems, overcoming depression…

One of the powerful features of NLP is that it recognises that there is a link between your behaviours, your mental state, your physiology and the way you process information in your mind. Changing any of these things can have an effect on all of the others.

So, for instance, if you want to learn how to do something that is important for your success, you can acquire the skill by finding someone who is good at it and then learning how they do it, what their thought processes are, their physiology and so on. If you copy that person well enough, NLP tells us that you will be able to produce the results that they produce!

Personal growth and development

Another key to success is to understand that you will need personal growth and development of your own capabilities. As you’ve seen, you can learn a lot from watching and copying other people, however you also need to increase your own knowledge, your abilities and your spiritual dimension.

For example, as well as studying how to be successful from other people, you should learn how the mind works, learn the new skills you will need and understand how what your fits in with your life goals and your life purpose.

It is now well understood that if you don’t do personal growth and development, you won’t be able to cope with the greater demands that success places on you. If you do undertake personal growth, personal success will follow in an effortless manner.

Using your mind power is the key to success

As you’ve seen, your mind power can help you change your life. If you apply your mind wisely, you will be able to develop the mindset for high achievement, learn the skills you need and undertake a course of personal growth and development. As you expand your capabilities, greater success will follow.

Find out more about ­your mind power here.

There has been a lot of literature produced on the subject of personal growth, I have found this tool to be very effective:

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Kevin John has spent many years helping businesses owners, aspiring business owners, and private individuals to develop the understanding and skills that they need to achieve the success that they want. If you would like to comment on this article or ask Kevin a question, you can contact him at kevin@achieving-your-dreams.com

Use Your Mind Power – A Key to Success in Personal Growth and Development