A great website to get great affirmations shared by a great community of positive people is a site called “Bmindful.com

bmindful is a positive affirmation community with thousands of positive affirmations in many different categories.
You can build a list of affirmations from the thousands of available positive affirmations or add your own. Adding your own affirmation allows it is made available to everyone else and so they can benefit too.

There is a list of the most recent, and most popular affirmations as well as a click-able tag cloud that lists all of the current categories that affirmations are associated with. You can join in on discussions, encourage others and help yourself and everyone else succeed in their endeavours!

On top of the sharing of affirmations, every user and affirmation has a profile page where discussion can take place. This discussion can be anything, positive feedback, constructive criticism, support or just general discussion.

Bmindful allows you to see what affirmations people are using. Find people with similar goals and objectives and chat via the comment system.

On top of the affirmations, there are also a few articles that were written by users of the bmindful community. The articles are also very insightful and inspirational.

bmindful is a completely free service. However, some features such as the affirmation MP3s require a contributing membership. to find out more please visit http://bmindful.com

The best positive affirmation community on the internet