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By : Kevin John

Stop and think for a moment. If you were given the choice between spending a day with someone with a positive, can do attitude and someone with a negative, it’s all too difficult attitude, which would you choose?

…Of course you’d prefer the person with the positive attitude.


Think about it… Here’s some of the reasons you might offer:

  • Your attitude will be affected by the other person – you’ll feel much better around someone with a positive attitude.
  • A positive can-do attitude gets more done in a day
  • A person with a positive attitude is more likely to come up with interesting opportunities that will benefit both of you
  • A positive attitude turns mountains into molehills, a negative attitude makes a minor obstacle into a major setback
  • You really don’t need all the negative thinking that goes with a negative attitude!
  • Add your favourite reasons here…

Success through a positive mental attitude

Now you can see that someone with a positive mental attitude has a lot of very attractive qualities – they attract people who can help them, they attract solutions to problems and they attract success.

On the other hand someone with a negative mental attitude will drive away people, attract problems and drive away success.

Wouldn’t you prefer to be the person attracting success through a positive mental attitude?

The good news is you can be that person. With persistence and effort, you can gradually raise the bar on the attitude that you have, until your predominant attitude is positive.

This can seem very daunting if you are not someone who already has a very positive attitude.

If you think being positive all the time’s hard…

… try being negative!

Maybe you already have a predominantly positive attitude, but you still have days when you feel down. Next time you loose your positive attitude, make the effort to step back and watch yourself and the events around you as they unfold. Even if it seems difficult when you’re having a bad day, do your best – if you don’t do it perfectly, don’t worry this is not a test.

As your day unfolds watch how your attitude to the world affects everything that’s happening to you. Because you’re feeling negative, everything seems more difficult, every little upset seems to be more of a problem…

Try the same experiment when you’re having a good day – you’ll notice an astounding difference. The same things can happen to you as they did on a bad day but they just don’t seem to be at all significant. Problems just melt away, you don’t feel the upsets and you get so much more done.

Over the course of just one day, you get pretty much the same results, however as you add this up over a lifetime, the person with a positive mental attitude just keeps going up and up and up… until they hit the stratosphere!

Now it’s time to do some work

No matter how good your attitude, it can always be better, and if you’re a “typical” person, there’s probably plenty of room for improvement.

A good place to start is to browse the articles and resources section of this website for ideas that might help you.

Another good starting point is the book “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude” by the great Napoleon Hill.

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Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude