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By: Kevin John

Personal development tips are a very powerful way to help you achieve personal growth and development. Personal growth and success in life are closely linked, you can’t have success without growing as a person.

However when it comes to your own personal development, you may feel overwhelmed by the vast array of personal development courses, techniques, books and other training on offer. Your life may be very busy and perhaps you just need some personal development tips to point you in the right direction for the next stage in your personal growth and development.

Personal Development Tip – Consider the Big Picture

When you are trying to decide where you need to focus next in your personal growth and development, you should consider all the aspects of personal growth before choosing a course of action.

The areas of personal development are:

Mental Your mind, how it perceives the world, how you process information, how you use it to make decisions, your attitude have an absolutely fundamental impact on your success. For many people, this is the one area of personal growth and development.

Personal development tips – you should also consider expanding your knowledge – maybe you just need to know more about a new discipline in order to be successful at it. If you are interested in making money, your financial knowledge could be a key to success that you need to focus on.

Emotional Your emotions are what motivate you and drive you. Emotions are internal but they strongly affect your external results. If your emotions are largely positive – motivation, confidence, happiness, your life is going in the right direction and you will achieve the results you desire. If you have a lot of negative emotions – fear, anger, hatred, then you are more likely to be unsuccessful.

Personal development tip – What is the balance of your emotions. How are your emotions affecting the results you are achieving?

Physical – “A healthy body gives you a healthy mind” or so the old saying goes…

Physical health and mental capabilities are closely linked – if you have a body that functions well its going to give your brain a better supply of the nutrients that it needs to function well. You will also be more able to focus your mind if it is not distracted by discomfort or negative feelings about your body.

Personal development tip – get a health check – what do you need to do to improve your health>

Relationships You are part of the human race, a vast organism that populates the planet earth. Whether you acknowledge it or not, you are connected to a vast number of people. The quality of relationships that you can establish with these people is critical to your success.

Personal development tips – Sit down and think about all the people you know, starting with your immediate family and working out to friends, acquaintances and eventually people you have met once or twice. You’ll find that there are a surprising number of people. Ask yourself what have you done to benefit these people?

Purpose Everyone on this planet has a purpose in life. Your purpose, is what you would like others to remember about you after you leave this planet. Your day to day actions and decisions should be linked in to your purpose through your goal setting and personal planning for success.

Personal development tips – Discover your life goals, make sure your shorter term goals and plans support them.

Spiritual One area that often gets overlooked in our busy, materialistic world is the area of spiritual development. Your spirit is the essence of you that underpins all the other areas of personal growth. Unless you take the time to let your spirit to grow and develop, you will not be able to achieve sustainable success in your life.

Personal development tip –The traditional Sabbath is a powerful tool that has evolved for a purpose, how will you incorporate time for spiritual growth and development in your life?

Personal Development Tip – Stay in Balance

You need to develop across the 6 areas we’ve discussed in a balanced way – if there is a weakness in one of the areas, your ability to achieve success will be limited. Use this overview from time to time to help you review your overall personal growth and development for balance.

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Kevin John has spent many years helping businesses owners, aspiring business owners, and private individuals to develop the understanding and skills that they need to achieve the success that they want. If you would like to comment on this article or ask Kevin a question, you can contact him at kevin@achieving-your-dreams.com

Personal Development Tips – Consider the big picture first