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By : Kevin John

It’s very simple – if you don’t know how to find your destination, and even worse, you’re not actually clear on what it is, you’re chances of getting there are slim. After all you wouldn’t set out to find a store in a new town without first know what it’s called and then getting a map of how to get there – that would be crazy!

Yet when people come to make major changes in their lives, like start a new business, go for a promotion at work, improve their health or learn a new skill, they start out with good intentions but no plan and no idea of where they are going. Then they blunder around in a haphazard way, failing to get anywhere near their goal until they finally give up, disillusioned!

Know where you’re going

The first step is to know clearly where you are going. Any major change you are going to make in your life will require a lot of time and your effort from you – whether it’s starting a new business, loosing weight, working for a promotion , improving your health, learning a new skill, quitting smoking …or any change you want to make.

You have to be sure that you are really motivated to make this change. The first thing to consider if you haven’t done so, start by understanding what it is you really want out of life, your life goals and purpose.

Next you want to be clear on what it is you want to achieve. Ask yourself these four questions.

What do I really want to achieve, what are my personal goals? Be as clear as you can about what it is you want – if you want to loose weight – how much, what is your target weight. Imagine yourself having achieved your goal – what is it you’re going to be doing. Include this in your target. Is what you’re trying to achieve a significant challenge – one that excites your, one that is a real challenge.

When do I want to reach this goal. When do you need to achieve this goal by, when is it going to be possible for you – make a guess, but be aggressive, don’t make it so far out that it’s meaningless.

How does this contribute to my life goals and purpose? Will this goal get me nearer to my ultimate destination. The more positive the answer to this question, the more value the goal is to you.

Why do I want to do this? Understanding why will help you to maintain motivation at those times when the going gets tough. Once again, imagine that you have the goal and understand emotionally why you want to get it.

Answering these questions will give you a very clear idea of where you are going.

Personal planning – know how you’re going to get there

Personal planning – knowing how to get you’re your goal is the magic that turns your dreams and wishes into reality!

The trick is to start at both ends and meet in the middle! Sounds a bit cryptic? Well here’s what you do.

  1. Start with your overall goal, break it down into a few (say 3-8) intermediate goals. These steps should be big enough that you’ll need some time to complete them, and when you add them all together they should lead you to your goal. Work out the sequence of steps and how long each one is going to take.
  2. Take the first intermediate goal, start from where you are now, work out a detailed set of steps that will take you to your first goal. These steps should be small enough that you can complete them with just a few hours or at most days effort from yourself. They should form a clear pathway from where you are now to your first goal. You can plan more goals if you like.


Now it’s time to get going, be proactive, don’t wait for the right moment. Work on the next steps you’re going to take and KEEP GOING. Like the engerizer bunny don’t stop until you get there!!

As you work you’re plan, be prepared to learn, be flexible, adjust your plan if necessary, but do your best to meet your goals.

If you follow the simple formula I’ve outlined in this article, you will greatly increase your chances of success in anything you try to achieve in your life.

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