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By : Kevin John

Are you looking for greater success in your life? Do you want to loose weight, stop smoking, raise your self esteem, start a business, make money, learn a new skill, get a promotion …in fact be more successful at anything you want to try. Did you know that there are eight steps to success that can make a critical difference to your chances of success in life?

The eight steps to success are all timeless principles that have been identified as being critical to your personal success by leaders throughout history. Many have written great works on the keys to success – Napoleon Hill, Stephen R Covey, Anthony Robbins. As you read what they have written, you can identify some guiding principles – the eight steps to success.

Leaders from around the world and from all walks of life– Mahatma Ghandi, Oprah Winfrey, Mother Theresa, Bill Gates, the Dhali Lama – all give outstanding examples of what you can achieve if you apply the eight steps to success in your life. Many highly successful people started out as ‘normal’ individuals but by consistently applying the timeless principles in the eights steps to success they were able to achieve phenomenal success.

The problem is that most people do not use the eights steps to success in their lives. The choice is yours – use them or carry on doing what you have always done and getting nowhere fast!

The eight steps to success can be broken down into two groups of fundamentals for success. The first four steps are what you do to achieve personal growth and personal success. They focus on self growth so that you can become the person you need to be to achieve the success you want to achieve.

The second four steps are what you do to organise and manage your efforts. They include goal setting and personal planning for success. They focus on how you interact with the world around you

The eight steps to success – personal growth and personal success

  1. Develop and maintain a Positive attitude. This will underpin all your efforts to succeed. When you have a positive attitude you are energised and motivated, obstacles seem more insignificant and you are much more optimistic. There’s even medical evidence that a positive attitude can help you to live longer! Find out more about a positive attitude.
  2. Understand the needs of others before you ask them to understand you. So many people listen to others without understanding, filtering what the other person is saying through the lens of their own experience. They are more interested in what they are going to say in reply than in truly understanding. The art of communication is to first understand the other person and then decide how you are going to respond using all the resources available to you.
  3. Commit yourself to continuous learning. You will never have all the answers. One of the most exciting things about life is that it is a journey of continual discovery. As you learn more, you can achieve more so commit yourself to lifelong learning. Hint: the resources and articles on this website are a good place to start!
  4. Enjoy life on the way. You are most likely on a journey to success that is going to last for many months… or even years. As an example Colonel Saunders only succeeded with Kentucky Fried Chicken at the age of 65!. You should make sure that you are pursuing things that fill you with passionate interest and that you take the time to have some fun and to refresh yourself spiritually

The eight steps to success – manage your interaction with the world:

  1. Personal planning – find your dream, develop your vision and develop your long term goals. Read more about personal planning.
  2. Goal setting identify the steps you need to reach your long term goals make them challenging but achievable and commit yourself to doing them. Then take your journey one step at a time. Find out about goal setting.
  3. Be proactive All the planning and positive attitude is useless unless you take action! Being proactive also means that you take the responsibility to make things happen.
  4. Be flexible “The best plans of mice and men oft go awry” – you can only plan based on what you know. When things go wrong, you should regard this as an opportunity to learn and grow through solving the problem and adjusting your plans. Perhaps the best way is to treat life like a game played with passion, serious intent and, above all, enjoyment!

Now you know what the eight steps to success in life, you can start thinking about applying them to the areas of your life where you want to achieve more success. These steps are timeless principles that have been tested and proven over many years by many highly successful people so you should not doubt that they will work for you.

…It’s up to you. You have the power to choose to apply the eight steps to success and make the changes you want to in your life.

Just remember this: If you apply these eight steps to success consistently, you can achieve anything that you truly believe is possible!

Go ahead. Pick just one of the eight steps, the one that seems to resonate most with you right now and spend some time today working on putting it to use in your quest for success!

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Kevin John has spent many years helping businesses owners, aspiring business owners, and private individuals to develop the understanding and skills that they need to achieve the success that they want. If you would like to comment on this article or ask Kevin a question, you can contact him at kevin@achieving-your-dreams.com

Eight steps to success in life – the key principles of personal growth and personal success