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By : Your 7DaySuccess Team…

Here are additional helpful tips to gain success in your life:

“If life does not have a vision, which one strives for, which one longs for, which one would like to carry out, then there is also no motive to exert.”

– Erich Fromm

Step 1: Developing a Vision, Overall Concept and Life Goals

Only people who have a clear vision, a vocational and personal concept or life goals, are able to give their life sense and direction.

In order to develop your personal vision, you need to ask yourself: What will give me the most satisfaction when I look back over my life at the end of my life?

Successful personalities have a clear vision of their own future. Written goals are the essence and the mental creation of your future life – what is the reality you would like to reach and live in to be happy?

Step 2: Set Up Roles for Your Mission

Both, in your business life and in your private life you undertake certain roles. This means you are literally wearing different hats – so for instance in you business life you are a sales manager, CEO or a strategic thinker. In your private life you might be a member of a sports team, a club member, husband or wife etc.

The real problems in our life come up when we want to ‘play’ in too many roles at the same time. Therefore we must set priorities. Less is often more is the watchword. Consider which of the hats you are wearing are indispensable for you and which ones are not really important.

Eliminate all the unimportant ones. People who try to fulfil too many activities at the same time will not live in a balanced way. This will decrease your personal quality of life. If you want to rise up you must throw ballast overboard!

Step 3: Define Your Strategic Key Assignments

Strategic Time-Management means a consistent concentration and focus on the things,

  • Which you are best at
  • Which you have the most fun with
  • With which you are able to obtain the greatest progress toward your overall vision of life.

Define your vocational and personal key tasks!

The formulation of key assignments for each role of your life should not separate your job and private life, nor should it only be dedicated to your business success.

It is vitally important to balance and integrate all parts. Otherwise you will become unhappy and unproductive.

Step 4: Set S.M.A.R.T. Yearly Goals

A yearly goal plan helps you to form strategic tasks and concrete goals out of your long-term desires and dreams. Only people who have defined their goals keep the overview in the hectic routine of our every day life:

Use the SMART criteria to set proper goals:

S – Specific. A goal should be concretely, clear and precisely formulated.

M – Measurable. You should be able to precisely define the end point of a goal.

A – Action-oriented. A goal should always be formulated in a way that results in positive changes.

R – Realistic. A goal should be ambitious but still attainable.

T – Time-Bounded. A goal should always have a deadline.

By setting sharp, clearly defined goals, you can measure and take pride in the achievement of those goals. You can see forward progress in what might previously have seemed a long pointless grind.

By setting goals, you will also raise your self-confidence, as you recognize your ability and competence in achieving the goals that you have set.

In the 7 Day Success E-book you are taught to define your key task for each role and each area of life after you already set up your life vision by writing it down and visualizing it (using Bonus 1: Your Life Vision Sheet!).

You define your mission statement, roles in life and key assignment with the help of Bonus 3: Your Mission Statement and Role Template…

Step 5: Plan weekly priorities in an efficient way

Stephen R. Covey talks about the pebble principle. Finding time in your schedule for the important things in life is like fitting odd-shaped rocks into a jar. If you put in the large rocks first, the jar will hold quite a few of them and still have plenty of room for pebbles, sand and water. But if you start by putting in a lot of the smaller pebbles, there will be no room left for the large rocks.

People, who want to convert their life goals into reality need to extend their planning horizon. The time period of one week gives us a representative image of our life. It covers all areas of life with the 5 day business week and the weekend and offers us the chance to do activities in all areas such as career, spare time, private life, family and hobby.

If you align your monthly planning through certain principles like the A, B, C, D Rule you will have more time for the really important things and have balanced time and life management.

Step 6: Efficient daily time management

Take a few minutes time each day in order to examine your weekly planning.

React flexibly to unexpected things. You should reflect your daily planning in terms of the following points:

– Did today’s day bring me closer to the achievement of my goals? – Could I have left out certain activities? – How can I reward myself? – How do I plan the next day? On Friday you should reflect your personal goals and plan the following week in advance.

Always remember that you should see yourself as self-employed and fully understand the value of your planning. Our busy lives put us in the position where daily and weekly planning are essential to create enough time to spend in every area of life.

Step 7: Bringing up Energy, Power and Self-Discipline

One of the best ways to win time in your life is to build up a strong self discipline. There are two reasons to do so:

  1. If you will build up habits for your daily actions, you will not have to think about the doing them anymore. The new habits will anchor in your subconscious mind and automate your daily actions. This will give your mind will have more time for temporary information.
  2. If you always practice scheduling through self-discipline you will have your upcoming events organized in order to gain more valuable time for yourself because you will not forget things at the wrong moment.

Fit for a better life:

Another thing to gain more power is doing sports constantly and eating healthy food. Your brain will function better and your attitude toward life will also be more positive. You need to remind yourself of the following things.

  1. You should see changes in your eating and sporting habits as presents to yourself.
  2. To not force yourself to do something, try to change slowly over a longer period of time. You could plan only one energy meal a week at first, for example. At the point when you lose weight and feel better, you will see that the changes have been quite amazing.
  3. Try to drink only very little coffee – caffeine withdraws valuable nutrients from our body.
  4. Drink a lot of water every day. About 6 to 8 glasses should be perfect.
  5. Take a deep and slow breath from time to time to refresh your energy level.

Always remember what you have learned. It is about living a balanced life in all your areas and roles. Only if you try to do so you can be really happy and successful over the long term.

If you would like to have more information and a step-by-step roadmap to a goal-oriented, successful life we strongly recommend you to get your copy of the 7DaySuccess E-book: The benefits you will get are:

  • What the top 3% of income earners know… that you don’t.
  • The secret ingredient that creates lasting change fast and easy, both now and in the future.
  • Discover the principles that will make you take charge and control of your life more than anything else.
  • How to create your personal vision of life.
  • How to visualize your dreams to get even faster to your goals.
  • How to design your Mission Statement in a way that will push you unstoppably towards your goals in high-speed.
  • Work out your key assignments for every area in life and the roles you are playing in.
  • How to set powerful goals the right way and achieve them under any circumstances.
  • How to develop plans for your objectives and avoid getting off track.
  • Using monthly and weekly priorities in a success-oriented way.
  • Learning methods to be more productive and get faster where you want.
  • Getting started every day. How to use the smallest unit in time management as a hub to success.
  • Get to know and master the 7 basic rules for daily time management.

If you’re ready to make a difference in your life and of those around you, and you’ve had enough with the excuses why you can’t create the successful life you deserve, then DO something about it!

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